Contra Dulciana English
Double Dulciana English
Dolciano Profundo Italian?

A Dulciana stop pitched an octave lower, at 16' or 32'. Wedgwood reports that the first Double Dulciana appears to have been introduced in 1828 by Bishop at �Acre Lane, Clapham�. Bonavia-Hunt gives the scale for a metal CCC (16') pipe as 6", and for the same pipe in wood, between 7" x 6" and 6" x 4 3/4". The name Dolciano Profundo was coined by Audsley for a 32' manual stop; it is not clear whether it has ever been used in a real organ.

Not to be confused with Contra Dulcian. See Dolciano.


Tenoroon Dulciana


Contra Dulciana 16', Choir; Town Hall, Sydney, Australia; Hill 1886-90.

Contra Dulciana 16', Choir; St. John's Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, Colorado, USA; Kilgen 1938.

Double Dulciana 16', Pedal; Cathedral Church of St John, Providence, Rhode Island, USA; Hook 1851.

Double Dulciana 16', Pedal; First Congregational Society (Unitarian), Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA; Hook 1854.

Double Dulciana 16', Pedal; South Congregational Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Hook 1864.


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