Clarín Real Spanish

Grove describes this as a type of Clarín: � �Real� Trumpets (Clarines, Trompetas) were usually vertical (not horizontal), the name indicating �real� in the sense of �full-length� resonators; but by c1750 �trompeta real� often meant �royal trumpet�.� Williams says: � �Real� does not always imply horizontal, early appearances of the term implied a �real trumpet�, i.e. one with longer resonators than regals.� Audsley mentions it but does not distinguish it from other types of Clarins.

See also Trompeta Real, Tromba Real.


Clarín Real 8' (en chamade), right hand; San Agustín, Cádiz, Spain; de Anía 1753.

Clarín Real 4', manual right hand; Parroquia de La Asuncion, Caseda, Navarra, Spain; Gomez 1862.


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