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Brass Trumpet English


Strony lists this stop with the following description: This rank was only included in Wurlitzers of 13 ranks or more. In a Wurlitzer, the Brass Trumpet stop tab is merely labeled Trumpet, which is much too generic. Wurlitzer actually built two types of theare organ trumpets: the Brass Trumpet and the Style D Trumpet. The Style D Trumpet is also labeled Trumpet. There are major differences in their tone. The Brass Trumpet appears on the manuals at 16' TC and 8'. It sometimes appears in the pedal at 8'. I do not know of any Brass Trumpets that extend down to 16'. Some authorities identify a third type of Wurlitzer trumpet, the French Trumpet. Al Sefl provided the photograph of the D#52 pipe of a Brass Trumpet, shot against a 1" grid. He believes the pipe to be of Wurlitzer origin, but with subsequent modifications. The resonators have no slots, so the pipes are tuned by sliding the resonators up and down a brass tube which is soldered to the block. In the photograph the slip collar and its locking screw can be seen. Irwin considers Brass Trumpet to be a synonym for Orchestral Trumpet.

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