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Basszink German


Not described in the literature, this stop is a pedal mixture of II to VII ranks, usually III or IV, used by certain 20th century German builders. Most of the known examples start at 5-1/3' pitch.


Osiris contains 14 examples, 12 of which are from the latter half of the 20th century.

Basszink VII 2', Pedal; Lorenzkirche, N├╝rnberg, Germany; Steinmeyer 1937. This is the earliest known example. It is the only example of VII ranks, and the only one known to start at 2' pitch rather than 5-1/3'. Basszink IV, Pedal; Grosser Saal, Vienna, Austria; Ladegast 1872, Rieger 1907, Molzer 1948, Walcker 1968. It is not known which builder installed this stop.
Basszink IV, Pedal; Philharmonic Hall, Munich, Germany; Klais 1988. Composition: 5-1/3', 4', 3-1/5', 2-2/7'. Basszinck III, Pedal; First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Beckerath 1974. Composition: 5-1/3', 3-1/5', 2-2/7'.
Basszink II 5-1/3', Pedal; Marktkirche, Wiesbaden, Germany; Oberlinger 1985. This is the only known example of II ranks.
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