Baryphon Greek
Baryphone Greek?

A 16' reed stop whose name comes from the Greek words barus �heavy� and fônê �voice�. The name Baryphon is listed only by Wedgwood, who says: �A free reed stop with Trumpet bodies, used occasionally in Swiss organs and frequently in Orchestrions (e.g., by Welte, of Freiburg, in Saxony).� The name Baryphone does not appear in the literature, but an example appears in Osiris[1] (see below), and we assume the two names to be synonymous.

Compare with Baryton; see also Syntheton.


Baryphone 16', Positif Expressif; Notre Dame de la Dalbade; Toulouse, France; Theodore Puget 1888.


Wedgwood[1]: Baryphon.
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