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Old German organ-builders sometimes used the prefix Aequal to indicate a stop of unison (8') pitch. When used alone, it indicated an 8' Principal. Wedgwood lists the name Chormass as a synonym for Aequal; Adlung writes: �[Principal] is also called Aequalprincipal because it matches the range of the human voice. It is likewise called Chormassprincipal� and �Chormass is probably understood to be the same as 8' because it has the same pitch as the human voice�.

See also Aequal-Gemshorn, Thubalflötchormass, Unterchormassbass.


No examples of the prefix Chormass are known; only one example of Aequal is known. Contributions welcome.

Aequalprincipal 8', Great; Chapel of the Resurrection, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA; Schlicker 1959.


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