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Aeolina Unknown


According to Irwin[1], this name signifies a single-rank soft string Celeste. He says: A single rank of very soft String or Foundation pipes of 8', tuned slightly sharp or flat, and intended to be added to any other soft stop, such as the Aeoline, Dulciana, Dolcan, or Spitzflöte. This rank may be an Aeoline, Echo Dolce. Audsley and Locher define Aeolina as a synonym for Aeoline. The name may derive from the Latin Aeolus, the god of winds.


All of the eight examples in Osiris[1] appear to not be celestes; all but one are at 8' pitch.

Aeolina 8', Swell; First Congregational United Church of Christ, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA; Barckhoff 1905.
Aeolina 8', Swell; Church pf the Holy Trinity, Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Prante & Sons 1899.
Aeolina 8', Swell; First Prebyterian Church, Newburyport, Massachusetts, E. & G.G. Hook 1866.
Aeolina 16', Choir; South Congregational Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; E.&G.G. Hook, 1864. (This is the earliest known example.)
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