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18 May 2008 - four dozen new stop samples have been added from the 1933 Aeolian-Skinner in Kellogg Audiorium, courtesy of Trevor Dodd. Over half of these are for stops that previously had no sound clips at all: Double Melodia, Concert Flute, Contra Basse, Contra Gamba, Corno di Bassetto, English Horn, Flauto Dolce, Flauto Mirabilis, Flugel Horn, Flute Celeste, Flute d'Amore, Flute Triangulaire, French Horn, Gamba Celeste, Gambette, Kleinerzahler, Kleinerzahler Celeste, Ophicleide, Orchestral Oboe, Principal Flute, Resultant, Salicional, Tromba, Tuba Mirabilis, Vox Angelica, and Vox Humana.

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